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A Protocol for Success

Eliminate the uncertainty and costly investment typically associated with implant treatment. From root to crown, the Inclusive Tooth Replacement System is the industry’s first fully integrated solution for the predictable restoration of a missing tooth. This end-to-end treatment modality comprehensively addresses surgical, healing, and restorative considerations. Its versatile, patient-specific treatment protocols are designed to improve chairside efficiency and maximize clinical outcomes by facilitating restorative-driven implant placement, immediate temporization (where indicated), patient-specific soft-tissue management for a more natural emergence profile, and swift delivery of a final, lifelike restoration — all with full-service laboratory support and flat-rate pricing to promote patient acceptance and ensure profitability.

Simplify Treatment

With the Inclusive Tooth Replacement System, there are no missing components. For the day of surgery, each package features an Inclusive® Tapered Implant of the prescribed length and diameter, a prosthetic stent to help guide the fixture’s location from a restorative perspective, and brand new case-specific drills with which to prepare the osteotomy. This makes for an easy tray setup for the surgical staff, and reduces preparation time. Once the implant is seated, the same package contains both a custom temporary restoration and a custom healing abutment, facilitating immediate non-functional provisionalization or a more conservative healing option, as indicated. The temporary can be cemented or screw-retained, with either choice more efficient than fabricating a custom provisional chairside. The remainder of the Inclusive Tooth Replacement System package can be delivered to the restorative doctor, who will use the custom impression coping to capture the complete gingival anatomy post healing, and submit a prescription for the final custom abutment and crown — at no extra cost.

Optimize Results

Today’s dental implant patients have come to expect results that are not merely functional, but also esthetically pleasing. And they want it without complications or surprises. Successful clinicians strive for the same thing: a predictable, satisfying outcome. The Inclusive Tooth Replacement System starts with restorative-driven implant positioning, laying the proper foundation for prosthetic success. It goes a step further with patient-specific tissue contouring by way of its custom healing components and matching impression coping. By properly managing the soft tissue from the moment of implant placement, the papillae are more likely to be preserved and an anatomical sulcus formed during the healing phase. Establishing this gingival architecture and capturing it as part of the final restoration results in a more natural emergence profile, which improves esthetics and reduces the potential for food traps. It also serves to limit blanching upon delivery, minimizing patient discomfort.

Grow Your Practice

With its streamlined protocols and built-in savings, the Inclusive Tooth Replacement System can pose an attractive alternative to conventional implant treatment. Most restorative doctors appreciate a prosthetically driven approach to implant placement, as it makes their job easier. Surgeons may even choose to supply the impression coping and final restoration to the general dentist as a referral incentive. Case-specific components reduce the need to maintain a costly inventory of implants and surgical drills. All-inclusive pricing eliminates hidden fees, and represents significant savings over the purchase of components obtained individually. It may also increase patient acceptance, given the ability to accurately present the full cost of treatment upfront. With its convenience and affordability, the Inclusive Tooth Replacement System can help today’s implant providers expand their network of referring doctors, and grow their business accordingly.

Features Checklist

Restorative-driven implant placement
Ensure proper position for ideal prosthetic outcome

Efficient immediate temporization or conventional healing
Save chair time regardless of clinical indication

Custom tissue contouring
Promote the optimal soft tissue anatomy for each individual patient

Complete transfer of gingival anatomy to laboratory
Capture sulcus with final impression — no more “lollipop” look

Precise fit and swift delivery of CAD/CAM restoration
Minimize blanching and chairside adjustments

Predictable pricing
Eliminate variable case fees for greater patient acceptance

Consistent results
Flexible, repeatable workflow to ensure profitability and satisfaction

Laboratory support
Dedicated technicians available from treatment plan to final restoration

Clinical flexibility
Compatible with most major implant systems

Summary of Benefits

The Inclusive Tooth Replacement System aims to broaden patient access to dental implants, while cultivating the careers of those service providers working to improve oral health. Designed to be convenient and affordable, this systemized approach to implant therapy helps to simplify a traditionally complex treatment modality, facilitating consistent, repeatable results. Its integrated protocol maximizes clinical efficiency while bridging the gap between surgical and restorative phases. Its versatile procedures feature case-specific components, custom tissue contouring, immediate temporization, and accurate communication of the gingival anatomy. The final restoration is the culmination of a cohesive process where each step prepares the next for success, helping to ensure patient satisfaction, the confidence of referring doctors, and a thriving implant practice.

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