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Inclusive® Tapered Implant System

The Inclusive® Tapered Implant System is the result of an expansive effort to offer clinicians and their patients a simple, convenient, affordable way to restore missing dentition. Inclusive Tapered Implants are machined from high-strength titanium alloy and incorporate time-tested features designed to simplify surgical and restorative protocols while maximizing clinical and esthetic outcomes. Such features include buttress threads for high primary stability when following approved placement protocol, a self-tapping groove, coronal microthreads to better engage and preserve crestal bone, a crestal bevel for soft tissue adaption, RBM surface treatment to maximize bone-to-implant contact, a tapered body that mimics natural root structure, and an internal hex prosthetic connection with standard internal thread for compatibility with popular prosthetic components and instrumentation.

Inclusive Tapered Implants are available in five major diameters, each of which is available in five lengths. Three standard prosthetic platform sizes (3.0 mm, 3.5 mm, 4.5 mm) serve to minimize the number of system components, simplifying the restorative process.

The Inclusive Tapered Implant System incorporates a complete line of instrumentation engineered with input from experienced surgeons, as well as an extensive array of healing, temporary, impression and final prosthetic components, providing clinicians with a variety of options during the restorative phase.

System Highlights

  • High-quality, low-cost dental implants
  • Industry standard prosthetic connection
  • Compatible with existing instrumentation

Technical Specifications

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