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Inclusive® Custom Implant Abutments

Inclusive® Custom Implant Abutments are precisely milled using CAD/CAM technology to facilitate a natural-looking emergence profile and optimize gingival contours and crown esthetics. Due to their strength, Inclusive titanium custom abutments are commonly used in all regions of the mouth, and are available in gold-tone to avoid gray showing through the soft tissue or crown. Zirconia abutments with titanium base provide the best possible esthetics and are commonly used in the anterior.

Inclusive Custom Implant Abutments are designed to align with the gingival anatomy of the individual patient, ensuring a precise, comfortable fit. State-of-the-art dental CAD software is used to position the soft-tissue margins at or just below the gingival surface, easing crown delivery and the cleanup of excess cement. Available for many popular implant systems and competitively priced, Inclusive Custom Implant Abutments help ensure long-term gingival health and a predictable, esthetic outcome for your implant cases.

BIOMET 3i Encode® custom abutments are also available and are designed using the proprietary Encode CAD library, which ensures a lifelike emergence profile and optimal support of the final restoration and soft tissue.

BIOMET 3i and Encode are trademarks of Zimmer Biomet.

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